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The warehouses of the company are located at Torre de Benagalbon, calle abrego 1 - Rincon De La Victoria, therefore all the products will be shipped by that location.

The courier MRW will send an email with the shipping identifier after retrieving the pack from our warehouse. It is possible to trace the package to the following address: LINK COURIER . If the link does not work, we recommend that you try again later. The courier takes some hours to record shipping information. We are not responsible for any additional charges for orders passing through customs.





Frequently Asked Questions
When has my purchase been made?
After purchasing a Snake product, you will receive a confirmation email with the purchase and informing you about the specific details of the transaction.
How long will it take to get my product?
From the moment you receive mail from the carrier, the estimated delivery period ranges from 72 hours minimum to a maximum of 5 working days.
How do I get a promotional code?
Promotional codes can be obtained through the website and social networks where Sanke publishes, as well as after-sales promotions for customers.
How do I use a promotional code?
The promotional codes can use them at the moment before making the payment, inserting this promotional code. The discount will be applied automatically.
Will my Snake sunglasses have the same look as they had on my computer screen or mobile devices?
We try to represent the colors as accurately as possible, but due to different lighting conditions and the computer screen settings, come variations may occur. When treating the wood of a natural product, the product can suffer variations in the tone of the color, making that no two glasses are equal. Each eyeglass is a unique piece.
What care does the google need?
Remember that you are buying a product with origin of natural matter, and therefore you must use them with more care than others manufactured of different material. Do not forget that your Snake are created from the heart of nature.
There is nobody in my address, how do i receive my purchase?
If there is no one in the address when the courier attempts the delivery, it will leave in a note or message at that address. Subsequently, a second time will be tried, for which the courier will contact the customer by phone call, adreeing a date and time of delivery. If this second attempt is not possible, a third occasion will be attemted, again by telephone agreement between buyer and courier company.
Where can i contact a Snake manager?
You can send all you inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We eill respond to each and every one of them as soon as possible.